Ezek. 45

06 Apr

2/1/10 In the newly formed Israel things were to be done a little differently than before. God specified that some land surrounding the temple was to be set aside as holy. About seven or eight square miles was called holy and this was given as land for the Levites. The same amount was set aside as most holy and it was given for land for the priests. The city of Jerusalem received a specific portion also, and the prince as well.

Before, the priests and Levites had no land at all, and the prince, the civil ruler, took his land from the tribes as he needed it. This was no longer to be done. And beyond that God intended that weights and measures should be standardized as well so that the prince couldn’t fudge on taxing the people.

All of these intentions were created for faithful Israel on earth, but they won’t be realized until the new earth. So will all of these regulations look the same? Probably not exactly, but real life will go on. The prince would obviously have less than the kings of Israel had gotten used to taking from the people. He was to provide burn offerings and such from tax money, but that wouldn’t cover all. He had only to rely on donations from the people.

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