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Ezek. 43

1/30/10 Ezekiel had witnessed God leaving the temple in chapters 8-10. Now he watched the reverse happen. After all the calamity that befell his people, and after God’s vengeance upon the nations around, the people of God would be restored, the temple rebuilt, and God’s presence would again fill the temple. He comes in from the east. I don’t know if the verbal parallels may be insufficient to tie this verse to Rev 16:12, which refers to the kings from the east, but they do tie in with other parts of Revelation. And thematically it does work.

When all has finally been destroyed in Babylon, Jesus returns from the east. So in Ezekiel this is ultimately an end-time scenario, although it was predicted as a possible reality for Israel as a nation. At any rate, God’s people will not resist him any longer and the relationship will be restored.

After Solomon had completed the temple he built his own palace attached to the temple. When Solomon left God his activities defiled the temple. Not only is the house of God holy, but the things associated with it are holy too. The entire idea of restoring the temple is the end result of keeping God’s law (v. 11, 12). So even in the new creation we will still be bound by the law.

In v. 13 Ezekiel describes the dedication of the altar. It was so high that stairs led up to the “hearth” on the east side so that the priest would be facing the temple sanctuary. They were to go through a specific procedure for seven days to purify the altar. What that will look like in a new creation context I’m not quite sure. Or perhaps this was only the situation if this was fulfilled for the nation of Israel, since according to Revelation, there won’t be a temple in the New Jerusalem.

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