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Ezek. 46

2/3/10 The prince, who must be the civil leader of the people, is the worship leader. He has a special and prominent role in leading the people in the worship of the true God.

First of all, the people have been contributing tax-type gifts to him, and out of that he is to provide the sacrifices for the people, or at least much of them. The east gate of the inner court is opened for the prince and he enters and worships and then exits through this gate, while the people enter through the north or south gate and then exit through the opposite one they used to enter.

So the prince enters by the east gate, the people use another, and then the people join the prince before the east gate to worship. Then they feast by eating the sacrifices. The priests, to protect the people from contact with holiness, eat theirs separately, using their kitchen in the inner court. The people cook and eat theirs using the four kitchens in the corners of the outer court. Worship times were obviously times of great joy and feasting.

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Ezek. 34

1/20/10 God speaks specifically to those in charge. It specifies the shepherds of Israel, but also includes those with the ability to trample on others and maybe even include other nations given charge over Israel. Anyone in the position to help others and does not, really, should listen carefully to the warning of this prophecy. God has made us responsible for each other.

These shepherds were eating the best, dressing the best, and caring well for themselves, but were virtually ignoring the well-being of the flock. They weren’t providing physical care for the sick, help for the weak, nor sought the lost. Therefore, the sheep became scattered in the foreign lands where they were exiled. Their leaders didn’t really try to hold them together, but instead looked out for themselves, while the flock succumbed to the preying of the stronger people surrounding them. Therefore, God will require of the shepherds the lives of the flock. God will remove them from leadership so that the flock will be able to eat, and the leaders themselves will find themselves without.

God says then he himself will become their shepherd. He will gather the scattered remnant back together and will care well for them. And God himself will stand against those who enriched themselves at the expense of others.

Then he talks to the flock themselves, who were not entirely innocent. Even among themselves they did not care for each other. Instead, without thought to the plight of their neighbor they ate and did not provide food, drank and didn’t provide water to those around. These weaker ones were forced to scavenge what leftovers they could. God promised that David would take over, which Jesus, the son of David, did. And he showed us the way to live in compassion with our neighbor. And his work is to restore the flock to complete security, rest, comfort. And we will know who is responsible for our care and will serve God as befitting our creaturely status.

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